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From NASA to Sprint, from Haworth to Unum, from Walt Disney World to American Express, from Swedish Match to United Airlines, companies turn to Peter Shankman when they need to understand how the worlds of customer service, marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media are merging into one, and more importantly, how to drive massive revenue from this amazing convergence.

From one day "overview" consulting sessions, to multi-month on-site projects, Peter has worked with companies large and small. Want to talk about it?

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  • Making Sense of Social Media

    Social Media, while here to stay, isn't just "something fun to do on Facebook." There's real money being generated by companies around the world using Social Media, and yours should be one of them. If you're using social media ONLY "to grow your likes and fans," then you're doing it wrong.

  • Customer Service Overhauls

    Are your employees putting your best image forward, or are they driving customers away? Since every customer has a camera in their phone, you're only one bad employee away from an international crisis that winds up on CNN and destroys your business. Peter has worked with companies big and small to help all of their employees understand that actions matter, even when they think they don't.

  • Driving Revenue in a Multimedia World

    How do you grow your company without using digital video, audio, blogs, photos, and updates? Simply put, you don't. But, it doesn't have to take up your entire day. In fact, it shouldn't. Companies from Unum to Disney have brought Peter in to help understand how to best use photos, videos, and most importantly, the customers they already have to help grow their business and bring in tons of new customers.