Radically New Ways of Empowering and Energizing Audiences Worldwide


I've spoken to audiences in 22 countries, ranging from 20 to 20,000 people. And I love it. How can I rock your next event?

The irony of getting paid to do what I used to get yelled at for doing has not gone unnoticed by me. Back in school, I was always the one getting in trouble for talking too much. Now, I keynote conferences like BlogWorld and the Affiliate Summit, and get asked by multi-national organizations to come in and talk to their employees. The universe really does unfold the way it should, you know? I primarily speak on topics such as customer service, marketing, advertising, social media, and publicity. My talks tend to be funny, (some have said bordering on hysterical) engaging, and inspiring. Did I mention funny? Take a look at some of my videos below, then drop me a note - What can I do for your next event?


What can I do for your next event?Drop me a line.

  • The Next Revolution Will Happen In Your Pocket

    Look around and find one person you know without a camera in their mobile phone. You can't do it. We're a nation of 350 million broadcasters, all ready to share with the world the great, or, horrible experience they had with your company and brand. Which one do you want? In this entertaining, humorous, and interactive 90 minute keynote, Peter Shankman shares case studies from companies big and small, showing why your best defense is good customer service first, and how some of the best social media policies in the world won't help you if you don't have your entire company on board with customer service first, branding and messaging second, and marketing and social media a distant third.

  • Why Self-Promotion Will Save The World

    Here's a tip: When Self-Promotion is done right, it's not Self-Promotion: It's Help. From his award winning speech at South by Southwest, Peter explains why the new rules of Self-Promotion start with helping, and end with other people doing your PR FOR you!

  • The New PR is spelled "Customer Service"

    Whether a multi-billion dollar company, or a small mom and pop business, the new marketing and public relations start with customer service. In this new age of broadcasting, your job is give the customer such an amazing experience, that they do your PR FOR you. Peter discusses how, in this fun, example-filled, 45, 60, or 90 minute conversation.